Join our accelerator program targeted at facilitating entry to the American market by Swedish businesses. 

Expanding to the world’s most competitive market is both exciting and complicated.  One key problem that Swedish businesses encounter relates to product/market fit.  Is there a market for the product as it is branded, marketed, packaged, sold, and delivered?  

The SACC Accelerator program is hosted in Boston, USA, and through webinars.  We seek to put you and your product directly in front of prospective customers.  We also connect you with an experienced team of mentors that will help you evaluate the customer response and give valuable feedback. 


The program accepts only a limited number of applicants each year.  We look for exceptional team, unique product offerings, and strong sales traction on European markets.

The SACC Accelerator helps you answer important questions:

  • Does the branding work?
  • How does the sales cycle look?
  • Who makes the purchasing decision?
  • What is the customer acquisition cost?
  • What channels can I use to market to customers? 

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We believe that a product is created in the minds of its customers and can help you find the answers you need.


Through the seminars arranged by SACC during the Accelerator Program, I received access to a lot of experts who gave me and my company a greater understanding of aspects that need to be considered when entering the U.S. market. Thanks to SACC’s network, AppUniverse got our first U.S. customer.
— Jonathan Ortheden, Co-Founder, AppUniverse (SACC ACCELERATOR)
By working with SACC New England, we have validated the U.S. market and know where our next steps are. Thanks to SACC New England, we have established an impressive network of key stakeholders and have several meetings booked for upcoming months.
— Christian Frick, Co-Founder, Rallygate (SACC ACCELERATOR)
In our efforts to introduce our educational tool “The 3D Classroom” in Boston and the greater U.S. market, we chose to work with SACC New England and the ACCELERATOR program. I can say that we are very happy with the sessions and outcome of the ACCELERATOR program at large - we have seen great traction from the meetings already. Stella Loven and team were very supportive and have my highest recommendations.
— Fredrik Olofsson, CEO Sensavis
Participating in the ACCELERATOR program has given us highly valuable insights about the startup climate in the U.S. The knowledge and input we gained by meeting VC firms, angel investors, marketing experts, and lawyers has helped us tremendously. These combined experiences have given us road map of how to build a successful business from the ground up in the U.S. market. Now we have clearer goals for our U.S. expansion and will be prepared for the day we take that step.
— Thomas Dahl, CEO, Optimal Apps (SACC ACCELERATOR)
SACC-NE_Nov17_022 (1) (1).jpg
Thanks to SACC New England, we were introduced to some of the best and most experienced advisors and partners there is to find for startups in Boston. These invaluable introductions saved us a lot of time and today when our business is growing fast we’re comfortable knowing we have all fundamentals in place.
— Jan Leife, Managing Partner, Just Add Cooking (SACC ACCELERATOR)
During our start up phase on the U.S. East coast, the support from SACC New England has been very professional and greatly appreciated from our side.
— Carl-Johan Ivarsson, President, Qlucore (Corporate Event)
Creddly is looking to launch and expand on the North American market. After working with SACC New England, our approach to U.S. VC’s has transformed.
— Ivan Daza, Founder & CEO, Creddly AB (Fundraising Strategy)