The Swedish Government decides to open a Consulate General in New York

The Swedish Government recently decided to upgrade the Swedish presence in New York by opening a Consulate General. The Consulate General will open in December and replace the honorary consulate.

According to the Government's press release, the focus of the Consulate General will be to promote the image of the innovative, creative and competitive Sweden of today. Trade and investment promotion at the Consulate General is expected to largely focus on conveying knowledge and offering a network and platform for promotion activities for Swedish companies.

The minister for Enterprise and Innovation, Mikael Damberg, foresee a need of a Consulate General in New York in order to promote contacts, trade and investments with the United States, and it is an important measure implemented in light of the new Swedish Export Strategy.  

The Consulate General will also work with cultural promotion and contribute to increased cooperation between Sweden and the United States in the area of culture.

SACC NE is looking forward to a future strong and stable cooperation with the Consulate General.

By: Kajsa Morawetz