SACC-NE's In Focus Series #1 | Marcus Dahllöf


In this first edition of SACC-NE's In Focus, we meet the Program Director of the MIT Startup Exchange and fellow Swede Marcus Dahllöf

Marcus, a former elite rower, is a two-time tech entrepreneur with one exit to his name. In 2016, he took the position as the Program Director of the MIT Startup Exchange, which serves to connect Global1000 corporations with MIT startups through events, an online platform and an accelerator program.

Having both consulted for companies and mentored for the MIT Venture Mentoring Service, we decided to pick Marcus' brain about different entrepreneurial and startup topics given his vast experience in the sector.

Tweet-sized elevator pitch on who you are?

Strategist and innovator helping build tech startups that make the world better.

Boston and Stockholm both have a vibrant startup culture. What is the big thing that sets them apart? 

MIT, where I work, is defined by incredibly deep technology expertise and discipline in building a company.  I haven’t seen that in many other places.

If you could travel back to the first day of your first startup, what advice would you have given yourself? 

Look for a great team, that is the proxy for everything, whether problem solving, fundraising or attracting further talent.  After that, just do it, ask for permission later.

What are some common traps you see younger entrepreneurs getting caught in?

Building consumer apps that solve “convenience” problems without underlying hard tech.

Best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs with no startup experience?

Work at a rapidly growing company, look for opportunity to wear many hats.