President's letter | February 2018

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Dear valued members and friends of SACC-NE, 

With 2018 in full swing, I’m pleased to share with you some of the achievements we made in
2017 and plans we have in store for you this year.

Last year was a historic one for our organization – we hosted SACC Summit, the largest Swedish
American conference of the year in the country, put on 15 events including a fireside chat with
2016 Nobel Laureate in Economics Professor Bengt Holmström, a talk with Professor Max
Tegmark, the President of KTH and Sweden's Minister of Education, and many more.

What we learned is that our community is starving for interesting, cutting edge content and
access to a high quality network that will either lead to valuable business opportunities and/or
new meaningful connections. For us, that meant developing deeper partnerships and programs
with Sweden’s Consulate of New York, the US Department of Commerce and Trade, SACC-USA,
SwedenBio, KTH, KTH Innovation, Business Sweden, IVA, local international chambers of
commerce and Boston’s Chamber of Commerce. We’ve done so with the goal of serving as the
landing hub and platform for all things related to Swedish-American business in the region.
More recently, this has extended to expanding our network to other Nordic players –
something we are excited to share with you in the coming months.

With strong partners in place, we are working harder than ever to crystallize our offering for
our Professional Members and Corporate Members, who are the lifeline of our organization.
We’re especially committed to highlighting the impressive and inspiring work our Corporate
Members and Partners are doing to facilitate trade and investment between Sweden and the
United States. In doing so, we have worked to improve our offering to be one that is more
closely tailored to our members’ respective needs and goals. Moving forward, you will see more
of our Corporate Members highlighted in our newsletters, social media, and blogs while
participating as speakers and/or panelists at our events in an effort to produce programs and
content that is uniquely relevant to our community.

Below are just some of the topics we will introduce in our events and programs:

  •  Self-driving
  •  Cryptocurrencies
  •  Net neutrality
  •  Leadership
  •  Cultural awareness
  •  Biotech
  •  AI

On a personal level, I am truly excited to see how SACC-NE has transformed and grown over the
last few years. We are committed as a team to celebrate Swedish innovation, talent, culture,
and success and even more so to serving as the business bridge between Sweden and New

I look forward to seeing you at our future events!

At your service,
Christina Björnström

President, SACC-NE