Letter from the Operations Team | March 2018

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Dear valued members and friends of SACC-NE, 

It is with the utmost pleasure that we are writing this letter to inform you on all the exciting things that have taken place since we last touched base in last month's "President's letter" as well as to inform you, the SACC-NE community, on what we have in the works moving forward!

This month's letter is brought to you by SACC-NE Operational Team members: Anna Persson, Director of Communications and Operations, and Erik Högberg, Project Management & Strategy Development Intern.

Shortly after last month's letter was published, the team traveled to New York to visit with Business Sweden and the Swedish Consulate General of New York, who we look forward to working closely with moving forward. Sweden may be a small country, but the Northeastern U.S. is home to several organizations and companies with Swedish ties. A goal moving forward will be to strengthen the bond with our brother and sister organizations in the region, to be able to further promote the Swedish mission together as a team: Team Sweden! 

With planning and preparation for our upcoming event ("The New 'Safe' In Self Driving Panel Discussion") in full effect, we are happy to also be able to announce a deeper collaboration with the German-American Business Council (GABC), who we have the pleasure of working with on not only one, but 2 events in 2 days! March 20th and March 21st are the dates to jolt down in your calendar for this two day extravaganza focusing on both Self-driving as well as Lifescience and Biopharma. More information regarding this can be found under the "Events" tab here on our website. Speaking of tightening our bonds with other European Chambers, we also send out a thank you to the French-American Chamber of Commerce (FACCNE) for a lovely International Women's Day networking cocktail event. As with GABC, we look forward to future collaborative events and projects with our European friends!    

Speaking of SACC-NE's partners and friends; A new tab can now be found on the SACC-NE website, labeled "Partner Events". There we aspire to add all the different events that our Corporate and Organizational Partners host. We look forward to updating it further to show off all that Sweden has to offer in the New England region, as well as what our Partners might have in store elsewhere as well! 

Since last we spoke we have also had the pleasure of welcoming a new SACC-NE Volunteer to our team: Douglas, who comes to us from Stockholm, Sweden by way of Monaco. We look forward to introducing him to the community on both our events but also here on the website. Other happenings that are worth looking forward to is our upcoming "Tea Talk: Swedish Fika" this month and Speaker Night coming up next month. More info will be announced through our website but also through mail, so make sure to subscribe to our newsletters. 

As always, we have a lot of irons in the fire, and we look forward to being able to announce each one of the different projects as they mature. Until then we thank you, the SACC-NE community, and hope to see many of you on our upcoming events!

With sincere appreciation, 
Anna & Erik

SACC-NE Operations Team