Introducing our new Trainee: Jacob!

We’re pleased to welcome our new SACC Trainee Jacob Hansen Karaduman to the SACC-NE team! Jacob joins us from Stockholm with a strong background in entrepreneurship and fintech.

Before getting involved in the growing Swedish startup scene, Jacob pursued a Master’s degree in International Business at Griffith University (Australia). Prior to that, Jacob obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom.

Jacob is passionate about entrepreneurship and international trade, and looks to bring that energy to his work at SACC-NE.

What made you want to join SACC-NE?

SACC-NE met many, if not all of the criteria I was looking for. I was looking for an opportunity that would offer me hands-on experience with international business, an area I have academic knowledge of but little to no practical experience in. This combined with the opportunity of living and working in the United States while experiencing the local business culture in my everyday life made it a perfect match.

How will you contribute to the team?

I believe my hands-on experience in the startup scene and academic background in international business provides me with a sound platform to understand the needs and challenges facing companies seeking to pursue international expansion.

What are your expectations of Boston?

Besides trying out the famous lobster rolls and visiting Fenway Park, I am eager to explore other parts of the New England region ranging from the marina in Newport to the ski slopes in Vermont. I am also keen on experiencing Boston’s urban environment - especially the booming brewery scene with a seemingly endless supply of new ales to try out.

What was the latest book you read?

I recently finished reading My Name is Red by Nobel Laureate in Literature Orhan Pamuk (2006). The book manages to illustrate Turkey’s never ending balancing act between east and west illustrated through the use of a ‘who did it?’ murder story and the lives of the sultans miniaturists and surrounding characters. My Name is Red is a page turner that, besides being an intriguing read, still carries plenty of symbolic value. Highly recommended!