Re-introducing: Douglas

We recently welcomed Douglas von Rosen back on the SACC-NE Operational team on full-time duties.

As mentioned, in Douglas’s last introductory interview, Douglas is pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at the International University of Monaco, but has currently put his studies on a hold to join us at the Chamber. We are beyond happy to have him back and Douglas is eager to get started!

What made you come back to SACC-NE?

Last semester I got a glimpse into the organization after having part-time volunteered for SACC-NE, parallel to my studies at Suffolk University. The fact that I fell in love with my experience in Boston, working for the Chamber and being a part of the team led by Christina is why I desperately applied to come back!

What’s new since last time?

I’m 21 now (chuckles). Jokes aside, not much has been happening since I left. I spent the summer at home in Stockholm, interned at the Bank of Åland and enjoyed many great days in the Archipelago of Stockholm.

How will you contribute to the team?

Given my background, curiosity and eagerness to personally develop, I hope to be able to act as a sounding board to the team, come up with ideas and expand our current platform. I feel confident bringing on any challenge we may bump into on our way towards success.   

What is your plan for the future?

 My main priority is to focus on what I can do for SACC-NE and what we could improve. After the new year, I am hoping to transfer to and graduate from one of the great business schools around Boston.