Boston’s first and only organic SPA has opened - Balans Organic SPA

SACC NE was honored to meet with Marie Aspling, founder and owner of Balans and Balans Organic SPA. Balans has, through its overall perspective of heath and wellbeing, become one of Boston’s most exclusive wellness centers in just five years.

Marie Aspling, founder and owner of  Balans and balans organic spa .  

Marie Aspling, founder and owner of Balans and balans organic spa.  


A Swedish native, it was Marie’s research in Biomedical Science that brought her to Boston in 2004. Marie founded Balans five years ago with a mission to promote health through improving our posture. Balans is a lifestyle studio dedicated to promoting health through private experiences of movement, strength, massage, pilates, yoga, and chiropractic care. Balans’ mission is to provide clients with a detailed overview of their health and inspire them to improve their habits and lifestyle choices. The overall goal is to identify a way of life that works in the long term for each person based on his or her individual condition and goals.

At the fifth anniversary of Balans, Marie is expanding her business by opening Balans Organic Spa – Boston’s first and only organic spa. Located on the fashionable Newbury Street in the center of commercial Boston, Balans Organic Spa offers a full catalog of organic facials and body treatments, as well as waxing. Balans’ facials and body treatments only use 100% organic and raw products from Maria Åkerberg, a Swedish-based company. Marie has worked with Maria Åkerberg products for two years, and guarantees that they are by far the most pure line she has ever come across in terms of both skin products and cosmetics.

The opening of a 100 % organic spa is partly driven by Marie’s expertise in Biomedical Science, which has given her a deep understanding of the impact generic products have on the skin. Most non-organic products contain harsh chemicals that can not only damage the skin, but also lead to more serious health problems such as hormonal imbalances, allergies, and even cancer.

We absorb these products. These chemicals become one with our body and organs, and it can lead to a number of serious illnesses and disease. There is also the problem of many companies marketing their products as “organic” when they are anything but. There’s the issue of mislabeling as well as USDA and FDA standards at times, being questionable.

Marie’s overall goal is to increase awareness on the importance of self-care by inspiring others to embrace a healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally. Even if Marie’s business can be classified as a wellness center, Marie’s focus is on the individual, rather than a general concept of what health means for the general population.

In December, Marie hosted the grand opening of Balans Organic Spa, by cooking food for the guests herself. The menu included homemade dishes such as squash soup with roasted pumpkin and Chia seed pudding for dessert – of course all ecologically.

SACC NE and Balans Organic Spa are now inviting you to an exclusive evening focused on "Integrative Health from the Inside Out" on Wednesday, January 27th at 6:00 PM. Marie will give a talk on the importance of self-care and how to connect all aspects of your lifestyle. During the evening we will explore how to establish lifestyle habits that are manageable and reasonable to support and sustain good health. Integrative Health from the Inside Out offers you comprehensive yet digestible education on how to thrive in our vitality.